Friday, February 29, 2008

Media Pitch Draft

Subject: Great Opportunity to Learn About Investment Principals

Dear Benson:

I am writing to you about a press release I sent to the Herlad Journal about the Cache Valley Area Investors Association. CVAIA is a free financial education program that meets in the Logan Chamber of Commerce every other Thursday.

Preston Parker is the president of CVAIA and he has a great deal of experience in making money using a passive income. The goal of the CVAIA is to help people understand how to get their passive income high enough that they will be able to get a job they enjoy instead of one that just pays the bills.

The CVAIA is a seminar that is available to anyone who wants to learn about being financially independent. If you would like anymore information about them feel free to give me a call at (435) 555- 3838.


Clayton Mackay


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