Friday, March 7, 2008

Media Pitch: Final

March 7, 2008
Subject: Great Opportunity to Learn About Investment Principals

Dear Benson:I am writing to you about a press release I sent to the Herlad Journal about the Cache Valley Area Investors Association. CVAIA is a free financial education program that meets in the Logan Chamber of Commerce every other Thursday.

Preston Parker is the president of CVAIA and he has a great deal of experience in making money using a passive income. The goal of the CVAIA is to help people understand how to get their passive income high enough that they will be able to get a job they enjoy instead of one that just pays the bills.

The CVAIA is association that is available to anyone who wants to learn about being financially independent.

If you would like anymore information about them feel free to give me a call at 435-555-3838.


Clayton Mackay,
Director of Public Relations
Cache Valle Area Investors Association


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