Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Email Etiquette & Netiquette

It is easy to forget the importance of email etiquette in every day business communication. For instance, something like writing in all caps can often be overlooked. I was unaware that doing so suggests you are shouting. This link has information that is useful to understanding proper email etiquette. Some things are more obvious than others. Everyone hates chain emails, so it is suprising it would go against email etiquette to send them.

Netiquette is simply etiquette to be used when dealing with people online. Unless a person spends the majority of their time online they are liable to be unaware of these rules. The first rule is to remember the human. It can be easy to hide behind the computer and say things normally not said in person. It is a good point to remember what you say is stored online. It can come back to get you if you aren't going to follow the etiquette.

The other rule I think is very imortant to remember is to respect the privacy of others. Again, it is easy to forget when you are online you are still dealing with other people, so it is important to treat them as such.


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